My Spot on the Web

It is just human nature that everyone likes to have a place to call their own – and to be the king in their own castle… Why should cyberspace be any different?

The content on this blog will have my unique stamp on it, and I hope to be able to be able to edify, uplift, inform and/or amuse everyone who visits :). It will mostly be a platform for my interest in Marketing: Network Marketing, Online Marketing, Permission Marketing etc.. So yes, a business blog…

But from time to time will also contain content related to just about anything else I am interested in – which covers a wide range of stuff. Got to shove this thing called life in to the hilt, man!

Of course I can’t guarantee anything… Some may take exception and even be offended by some of the content posted here or referred to in my other, more specific blog sites, which will be listed in the Blog Roll. We all have our own biases, and I am certainly no exception…

Anyway, WELCOME!!



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