Your Own Shopping Mall!?

Yes! It IS Possible!

I was having coffee with a friend who rents some space in a local Mall for his Coffee Shop franchise. It is a weekly appointment, every Friday morning at 8:00. The coffee is great, so I always try to make sure to be there.

Apart from the welcome catch-up between friends, on this particular day my friend seemed a little down. “We have just been given notice…,” he said, “…of another hike in  rental cost for our Shop!”

“I sure wouldn’t mind being the recipient of all the rental dues from all the Retailers in this Centre!!”, he continued…

..that’s when I realized just what a BRILLIANT concept the Lyconet/myWorld Opportunity is…!


As a Lyconet Marketer, you can to grow your own Virtual Shopping Mall, and populate it with your own (ever-growing) customer base of shoppers!

Just share the concept with your friends, family, and acquaintances:

Those that choose to just passively benefit from a great Loyalty Programme, sign up for FREE with myWorld, and enjoy cashback and other  benefits from shopping smarter. These become your customers, and you earn from their shopping activity. (They can shop at thousands of retailers all over the world, and online.)

You also have the opportunity to introduce SME business owners to the myWorld Partner Program, where they benefit from being members of a Worldwide Network of Retailers in 50 Countries – and YOU benefit from their Business Activity!

So, by signing up friends as myWorld Shoppers, and by signing up SME’s as myWorld Partners, YOU CREATE:

Your Own Virtual Mall

Your Own Base of Shoppers, whose shopping Activity directly benefits you!!


The Initial Investment to get going is NEGLIGIBLE in Comparison!

…so once I explained all this to my Coffee Shop friend, he first cried in his Cheesecake, but, to his credit, he has taken the first steps to own his OWN VIRTUAL SHOPPING MALL!!


If you would like to know more, click here to reach me by email.


WhatsApp me on: +27 76 387 4872

P.S. You may also want to ask about how to become a Shareholder in Lyconet/myWorld when the company goes public in June 2023. THINK BIG!

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